John E.S. Lawrence's Outdoor Resume


EDUCATED: Oundle School (music scholar/violin); Exeter College, Oxford University, England, and North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA. HIGHEST EDUCATION LEVEL ATTAINED: Ph.D. (Psychology) 1977 CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Senior Associate, Michael Hopkins International, and Adjunct Professor, School of International & Public Affairs, Columbia University. RECENT EMPLOYMENT: UN system consultant, Former Principal Technical Advisor, and Deputy Director, Social Development Division, United Nations Development Program, New York 1988-98; Senior Research Psychologist, Research Triangle Institute, North Carolina, 1976-1988. CURRENT RESIDENCE: 141 Grove St. Stamford, Connecticut 06901 PHONE 203 327 2253 EMAIL SPORTING/OUTDOOR/CLIMBING EXPERIENCE: 1955 Outward Bound Mountain School, Ullswater, Cumberland, completed standard course, John Snowdon, Instructor. 1955-1967 Royal Marines Force Volunteer Reserve, with service in 42 Commando Royal Marines, Australian Commando, and New Zealand Airforce Mountain Rescue. 1956-58 National Service in U.K. Royal Marines Commando. 1957-8 Completed Commando Training; Section Leader, selected for officer training; Commissioned 2nd Lt. in 42 Cdo, R.M.; specialist in amphibious assault; assigned to Commando School, Royal Marines at Bickleigh, Devon as Climbing Instructor (CO Colonel Mike Banks; 2IC Colonel Richard Grant; Unit Doctor Tom Patey). Climbed extensively in tricouni nails (leading to then top standards) on Cornish sea cliffs, and in British, Welsh and Scottish mountains. Qualified as lead climber (CL II). Climbed recreationally and professionally with Tom Patey; promoted to OIC of the Commando School Basic Cliff Assault Training Wing. Did several wild public demonstrations of cliff assault techniques at Navy Days, including high-speed demo descents from buildings and dockyard cranes (later banned due to death of a young officer doing the same stunts in Madison Square Garden, New York). See `Commando Climber' by Mike Banks, and `One Man's Mountains', by Tom Patey. 1958-61 Oxford University Mountaineering Club: extensive climbing in British Isles; Co-Founder, and First President, Oxford University Canoe/Kayak Club. Double Boxing Blue and Oxford/Cambridge Champion (necessitating much peridontal work in later life). First grand inebriated, and highly public night traverse (in full formalwear) of Exeter College Chapel Roof during the Commemoration Ball, to the accompaniment of no less than two professional dancebands. 1961-3 Climbing Instructor, Eskdale Outward Bound School, Cumberland, UK. (Tom Price, Director). Responsibilities included Mountain Rescue Service for surrounding areas. British Canoe Union certified instructor. Climbed in UK, Scottish and Welsh mountains 1963-4 Oxford University Overland Expedition to Australia: climbed/trekked/stumbled around in Austrian Alps, Hindu Kush (Afghanistan), Himalayas (Pakistan and Nepal). Led private expedition to reconnoitre south ridge of Annapurna IV. Sought, and obtained permission from Nepalese Government to climb Maccha Puchare with Jimmy Roberts 1964; permission subsequently (and quite understandably) revoked when MP was declared the nation's sacred mountain. 1964-6 Climbing Instructor, Australian Outward Bound School, Fishermans Point, NSW. Extensive rock climbing including second ascent of `Lieben' with David Witham (then hardest climb in Australia); pioneering with Dave Witham on original route of then unclimbed SE face of Frenchman's Cap (`Eiger of the South'); recorded first ascent of Caucasus Corner with Dave Witham (which had same rating as Lieben, and which guidebook now rates as one of area's most significant climbs). Amphibious assault specialist with Royal NSW Regiment of Commandos. 1966 Climbing Instructor, New Zealand Outward Bound School, Anakiwa. Recorded first ascents of Whitham/Lawrence route on N Ridge of Mt Hopeless (NZAJ 1967 pp. 43 ff.) and successful ascent (after many tries) of Mt Cook. Instructor, RNZAF Mountain Rescue. 1966-7 Leader, New Zealand Antarctic Research Programme Field Expedition to Victory Mountains, Antarctica. Numerous first ascents (Mt Supernal, Mt Gobey, Mt McCarthy, Mt Anakiwa), with mountain ranges named by New Zealand Government for each of the four expedition members; Lawrence Peaks, above the Mariner Glacier at 72 50'S 166 10'E (See Wikipedia, New Zealand Alpine Club Journal 1967 XXII, 1, pp 21-34; as well as `Antarctica: an Encyclopaedia'. John Stewart. Vol I. 1990 p 563). 1967-8 Senior and Chief Instructor, North Carolina Outward Bound School, Jonas Ridge; climbed extensively throughout Eastern USA, including work on recorded first ascent of Whitesides Mountain (`Original Route' of what was then considered the highest face in SE, which current guidebooks single out as bold & pioneering, which it was) and such other FAs as CrackerJack, Second Stanza and Sitting Bear Original) around Tablerock. 1968 New Zealand Expedition to Pumasillo in Cordillera Vilcamabamba, Peruvian Andes; Numerous first ascents (including North face of Mellizos 17,750), and Pico Ccucho at over 19,000) as well as nearly successful attempt on North Ridge of Pumasillo (see American Alpine Club Survey of Andean Ascents 1961-70 by Evelio Echeverria; New Zealand Alpine Club Journal 1969 XXIII, 1, 49-63; and Summit Magazine Sept 1969 Cover article) 1969 University of Alaska Project Themis Expedition to Mount McKinley, Alaska. Recorded Summit ascents of North and South (with Tom Frost and his wife) peaks via West Ridge. (See American Alpine Journal 1970 p 109). During ascent of the North Peak, he was required (with others) to bury, high on the mountain, a young member of an Outward Bound expedition (Gary Cole) who had died at 17,000', whom he had tried several days earlier to rescue unsuccessfully, and whose posthumous recovery was ultimately (and regrettably) considered too risky. Finally, the body of Gary Cole reappeared, and was reburied at 14,000' in 2004. Completed other first ascents in Alaska, and traverse of Mt Rainier. 1970-3 Director, Carolina Outdoor Sports Climbing School 1971 Blackmailed by friends (including Jack Daniels) and persuaded to yodel onstage, and unexpectedly became Runner-up in National Hollering Contest, at Spivey's Corner, NC. As a result, was an invited Guest on NBC's To Tell The Truth (will the real John Lawrence please stand up!). Recently has won yodelling contests in Keene Valley (Adirondacks) and NY City. Also was fiddler in North Carolina Bluegrass band (Wake County Ramblers) as well as performing several Beech Mountain gigs with the Corklickers. 1968-88 National Ski Patrol Southern and Eastern Divisions (National Number 5849) Five service and special recognition awards. Division Advisor in Lift Evacuation; acknowledged in NSPS National Lift Evacuation Manual. 1989-present NSPS Alumni Association; US Windsurfing Associate. 2000 Ascent of Mt Shasta by Helen Lake/Avalanche Gully route. Currently, windsurfing regularly off Puerto Rican Domino's Reef (NE coast), mountainbiking, hiking/climbing, XC skiing and sea/kayaking in New England.

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